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Planning Documents & Budget

Planning Documents

2023-2027 Port of The Dalles Strategic Business Plan Update2023-2024 Work Plan2022-2023 Work Plan2021-2022 Work Plan2020-2021 Work Plan2013 Port Of The Dalles Strategic Plan Vol 22013 Port Of The Dalles Strategic Plan Vol 1



2024-2025 Budget Resolution 2024-0022024-2025 Notice of Budget Hearing2024-2025 Approved Budget2024-2025 Budget Message2nd Notice of Budget Committee Meeting1st Notice of Budget Committee Meeting



2023-2024 Supplemental Budget2023-2024 Budget Committee Meeting Minutes2023-2024 Budget Resolution 2023-0012023-2024 Notice of Budget Hearing2023-2024 Port of The Dalles Proposed Budget2nd Notice of Budget Committee Meeting1st Notice of Budget Committee Meeting2023-2024 Budget Committee Application.pdf



2022-2023  Supplemental Budget Resolution 2023-0032022-2023 Port of The Dalles Adopted Budget2022-2023 Notice of Budget Hearing2022-2023 Proposed Budget2022-2023 Budget Committee Meeting Minutes2022-2023 Budget Committee Meeting Agenda2022-2023 2nd Notice of Budget Committee Meeting2022-2023 1st Notice of Budget Committee Meeting



2021-2022 Notice of Budget Hearing2021-2022 Budget Committee Meeting Minutes2021-2022 Budget Committee Meeting Agenda2021-2022 Budget Committee Application2021-2022 Budget Message


2020-2021 Notice of Budget Hearing & Budget Summary2020-2021 Budget Message2020 05 13 Port Budget Committee Meeting-Virtual


2019-20 Budget Resolution 2019-0012019 05 23 Budget Committee Minutes


2018-2019 Adopted Port Budget2017-2018 Adopted Port Budget2016-2017 Adopted Budget2015-2016 Adopted Budget2014-2015 Adopted Budget2012-2013 Adopted Budget2011-2012 Adopted Budget2010-2011 Adopted Budget2009-2010 Adopted Budget2008-2009 Adopted Budget2006-2007 Adopted Budget